Jumbo Loans

Conventional loans that are too large for government agencies & conforming mortage loans are called Jumbo Loans. Jumbo loans refer to those loan amounts outside of the “conforming” range or, generally above $417,000 to $10 million + for single/family/condo, primary residence, second homes, and investment properties. A Jumbo or Non-Conforming Mortgage Loan is any mortgage that exceeds the conforming loan limit of $625,500 depending on your area. Normal conforming loan limits are $417,000.

Jumbo loans, like conforming loans, are available as fixed rate mortgages or as ARMs. Typically, Jumbo Loans are priced slightly higher than conforming loans (usually .125 or .250% higher on interest rate), due to the limitations of the Jumbo Loans secondary market. Rates on jumbo loans tend to be slightly higher than loans of a lesser value, because lenders generally have a higher risk on these loans.

Conventional Mortgage Loan Limits & Conventonal Jumbo Loan Limits as of December 1, 2011 – Any Mortgage Loan Amount Higher is a Jumbo depending on the area you live in. Call one of our Jumbo Loan experts and we are happy to discuss your Jumbo Loan options, toll-free at (949) 891-5598.

48 States
General & High Cost

Hawaii / Alaska
General & High Cost

1 Unit$417,000 – $625,500$625,500 – $938,250
2 Units$533,850 – $800,775$800,775 – $1,201,150
3 Units$645,300 – $967,950$967,950 – $1,451,925
4 Units$801,950 – $1,202,925$1,202,925 – $1,804,375


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We do all types of Jumbo Loans and want to be your Jumbo Loan lender for life:

  • Cash Out Jumbo Refinance Loans so you can use the cash for any reason.
  • Rate & Term Jumbo Refinance to simply lower your Jumbo loan payment.
  • We offer 10 15 20 & 30 Year Fixed Rate Jumbo Loans and ARMS Adjustable Rate Jumbo Loans 3 5 7 & 10 Year Fixed adjustable rates.
  • Ask about our NO COST Jumbo Refinance & Home Purchase Jumbo Loans.