Fixed-Rate Loan Program

If you expect to live in your home for many years, the interest rate of your mortgage loan may be your primary consideration. You may want a fixed rate mortgage that will ensure that your interest rate & monthly mortgage payment will remain the same for as long as your have your loan.

If you decide that you like the stable, predictable payments of a fixed rate mortgage loan, then you must choose form a variety of repayment terms – 10, 15, 20, and 30 years are the most common. Here are some points to compare about various fixed rate mortgage loans.

How much of a mortage payment can you afford?

You can save thousands and thousands of dollars on a shorter fixed rate mortgage term than say a 30 Year Fixed. Call and talk to one of our mortgage loan consultants and we will be happy to go over your loan payments and options, toll-free at (949) 891-5598.